Kolbrin Bible & The Nemesis – When Ancient Prophecy Meet Science – Marshall Masters

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https://ift.tt/2o6PusG Also, Is there a Binary Star in Our Solar System? Ancient Prophecies, described and translated in the Kolbrin Bible and other scriptures describe a Second Sun. Are UV Rays from a Binary Star causing chaos on our Planet and Others? What about all the recent cracks that have opened up around the world, from Mexico, to Italy, could a Gigantic Heavenly body be tugging at the Earths Crust? What about the additional Neutrinos from a Binary and its interaction with the Core of the Earth. SAI and Solar Management, what are they really hiding? Marshall Masters, a seasoned researcher of Planet X, Nibiru, the Nemesis, Planetary Bodies and Prophecies will be with us today at Leak Project. Check out Mr Marshall and his insight to Planet X and Apocalyptic events and how to prepare for chaos and cataclysms. http://www.yowusa.com Pick up a copy of the Kolbrin Bible at http://kolbrin.com/

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On the Detectability of Planet X with LSST

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