Bases 19 Part 12 Marie Kayali’s Ufos

Mary Kayali, after the years of the loss of her daughter, Gina, and her late mother, at this time gives a funny and stoic account of her contact with scientists and supreme military interests, since the Channel 4 Confessions of an Alien Abductee, which Chantelle Sabrina Pyper and Simon Parkes..
It is a simple lovely Delight to have Marie in person, and with some social occassions, Miles discusses many issues, and then her UFO photos over Birmingham.. 10 in one photo…but guess what! The photos were “accessed” as we looked at them, and many of the UFOs simply disappeared on the shots we were looking at earlier.

This is Marie, after her long time in Shri Lanka, visiting Wiltshire, dealing with life as it comes, at a time when her duaghter was killed, and the judicial system stone walled the murders out of the scene..just like Tiffany Jenks. The killers get away, as they are those who rule over us. Murderous bastards.

Bases is proud and sensitive to be with Marie, and wish her well as she continues her brief return to the UK.

Marie’s UFOs, over Birmingham, in the summer of 2017
View on YouTube

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