WEBINAR – Patty Greer: Crop Circles Science – Solutions & Moving Forward

WEBINAR – Patty Greer: Crop Circles Science – Solutions & Moving Forward

WATCH ON OmniverseTV:

WATCH ON ExopoliticsTV [You Tube] https://youtu.be/yLvQXOiANB8

BOULDER COLO. WEBINAR: I want to focus on Solutions and Moving Forward:
First a brief re-run of :
Why Crop Circles are so important – The seeds can produce 30-400% more food per plant
My 8 films/ 8 awards – mainly Crop Circle Diaries about the science
Suppression of Levengood / and the relentless hacking of my work for years
Getting hit with an energy weapon twice at a gig where I was a speaker

The BIG BAIL ON UFOLOGY EVENTS to bring in New Technologies – by Patty Greer
Met the scientist who re-invented Levengood’s Crop Circle plasma machine
Bringing it to market soon – 2 are already made and they work!

Introduce the miracle molecule Carbon 60 that saved me after the energy weapon attack
Mention the programmed giant magnet product that helped me sleep again. They work!
Unplug everything in your room where you sleep.
Talk about keeping Moldavite and Orgonite in your physical space.

These are great tools for our evolving energy fields!
View on YouTube


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