STRAWMAN – The Real Story of Your Artificial Person – Your Entire Life is a Lie

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-You must learn the language of your master, for a man can only be enslaved by the words that contain his mind (beliefs) and his actions (works). And so, as it is said, no man may have two masters, we each must make a choice, a clear election. One through self-evident Truth may we become the master over man’s fiction, and only through ignorance are we a slave to its designs. We can not know the language of our legal oppressors without at the same time comparing that artful language with the Truth of Nature that will save us from it. We cannot know man’s law without understanding the intent of God’s Law (Word), the Law of Nature. Each are opposed to each other, as reality vs. fiction. This is the essence of this work – to tell the story of the cyphered dictionaries of man’s legalese and false law while at the same time deciphering (defining the correct but lost meanings of terms) of the scriptural story of the Natural, Highest Law. The law you choose to follow defines your choice of masters. God (the Reality of Nature) or the legal fiction of mammon (money).”

To quote directly from my work:


“To read a story without knowing the meaning and origins of the words used to tell it is a futile effort, which is exactly what the power-brokers and controllers of church and state wish to see in its general population of goyim. The intent of any work can only be known by comprehension of the language and terms used at the time of the actual writing. And so I am left with the duel task of defining (deciphering) the storied words of the Bible and un-alphabetizing (ciphering) the un-storied words of the legal dictionaries. Both of these tools are needed to tell a proper story, for to read any story its words must be decipherable by having available their dictionary meanings and rules of use at hand. Intent is everything. To hide intent by hiding the meaning of terms is the ultimate deceit and the main tool of control of all corporate governments and licensed religious incorporations of the state.”

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