Wartime Move: Trumps Executive Order Could Call Back Retired Generals & Pilots to Service

Trumps Executive Order Could Call Back Retired Generals & Pilots to Service – Wartime Move?
Amending Executive Order 13223

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Do You Guys Know What this Represents? Remember its the Calm before the Storm, could be the calm, calm before the storm. We have the worlds great military people in this room Trump Says as he is surrounded by his staff and next to his wife in the White House

Reporter Asks – What Storm Mr President, “You’ll find out”

Radioactive Freedom Drop, Trumps North Korea Nuke Plan, thought of by Nixon First

“We all know what happened to Nixon”

NK Threats at unprecedented , critical level, Japan official states

WW3 Ready: US & Seol to address North Korea in Combat Uniforms

U.S. diplomacy with North Korea to continue until first bomb drops “Tillerson

North Korea calls President Trump “Lunatic” says th U.S. is over

Smuggled Photos reveal NK is totally exhausted and unprepared for war

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