Donation Success 30 Years since KISS

Brief thank you to those who have contributed to Bases, allowing for the first steps in getting professional technical kit so we can make broadcast Documentaries ourselves, so we have full conytrol of the content. Thge thre gaing HD Cameras were fully refitted ands service for the AMMACH project in jan 2011. That is a long time ago, as we enter 2018. This HD kit will be used for the studio and conference Lives, as they have BNC connectors and Full HD out. But current documenatries require 4K, 16 times the resolution of HD, 32 times that of the old SD system.

Until now we have had deal with 3rd party contracted companies that deal with mainstream TV. Now we have the starting block for doing this ourselves.

We did this 30 years ago before Satellite TV or even Channel 5. It was Kiss FM and AM, I switched on the KissAM1008 Medium Transmitter on Oct 20th 1987, to start teh first province wide transmissiuons intoi Northern Ireland… as recorded on the Irish Era Part 7. The FM came along later,and two sabtoged mast failures gave us only a brief blast of 9 months on FM (1.2 million watts ERP on 103.7MHz) into Belfast in 1988. The AM was on 1008KHz at the start, and was on a European Clear channel at night.

sorry first upload had a bit ofdead timeline at the end …
View on YouTube


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