Gods and Angels, 3rd Eye Ignition & Activating the Third Eye with Shaman SRI Master Gano Grills

SRI Master Gano Grills is a WORLD CLASS Spiritual Advisor and SRI spiritual PH.D only given by the Gods) Master Teacher to many who are seeking enlightenment as well as the Teachers who guide others. The CREATOR of all is and endless enigma that no one person has all the answers to. Yet we strive to reach a better World for our descendants and bliss for ourselves.

You may order a Spiritual consultation from SRI Master Gano Grills here http://ift.tt/2gKjaZP… OR call 212-604-4446

Did You know the KUNDALINI is your divine birthright from GOD, will you die without activating it?

Next BIG PICTURE4.0 seminar will be Nov5th,,2017 in atlanta Georgie. ONLY 350 people will be permitted.
Secure your tix here http://ift.tt/2gfKq5D

2017 IS the year of the QUANTUM LEAP because since 2012, Terra has been given many upgrades and divine interventions that have resulted in many harvesting unique energies from the Sun and the Great central sun,, this year, those who have generated those energies will fully express those inner tides to the outer world for all to see.
here are clear wonderful events that highlight what happens when KHORDS are cut and when one experiences the energy of a MIRACLE.


MANY around the world are having a massive awakening as to who they are from ages ago.. The covenant of the galighticus movement is mandated directly from the CREATOR of ALL.

144,000 will hold the balance for the entire world. It can be looked at as Noahs ark. Their where a certain amount of people who boarded the ark before your world was destroyed, by the demigods of your bible.
For exciting and refreshing testimonials from all around the world please visit http://ift.tt/1Yx1lNc… bizarre as this may seem the proof has been testimonialized all over YouTube,for the world to see.
Please refer to the videos listed.

Best Organic Supplements on the Market @ http://ift.tt/1NWdDMv

Question Everything
Be the Change You Want to See!

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