Blade Runner 2049, Parallels Enki, Genetic Manipulation & AI, Leaves You Asking, What is the Soul?

Blade Runner 2049, Review, Parallels Enki, Genetic Manipulation & AI Leaves You Asking, What is the Soul? Audio Starts at 1.26
1.A Devastated Planet, turned into Mega Cities, Structures and Wastelands
2.Global Warming, Pollution, Weather Manipulation has nearly destroyed the Earth / Chemtrails / Geoengineering
3.Artificial Intelligence, beyond self aware – Replicants the New Earth Slaves
4.Enki, Genetic Manipulation, Blood Sacrifices, Parallels to Sumerian Tablets & Genetic Manipulation, philosophy, backdrop, structure, feng shui, very Egyptian like, Niander Wallace, reminds me of Enki, space travel and “Owning the Stars” is his ultimate goal.
5.Programs combined with Technology making Hu-mans obsolete in many instances.
6.Imagine having a wife, husband, significant other, exactly the way you want. What would she, or he look like, how would they act, who would they be and what would they do?
7.What if there was technology that allowed you to take the program with you out on a date?
8.Will this be our Future? If this is whats on the Horizon, how are we going to change it for the better?
Question Everything
Be the Change You Want to See!

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