The Sign “September 23rd” Planet X, Earth Changes & Prophecy

The Sign “September 23rd” Check This Out!

Major scientific discoveries, rising geopolitical tensions and significant astronomical events point to a potentially catastrophic world event. “The Sign” follows the lives of real people following signs to the end of the world on Sept. 23, 2017. The documentary looks at the risks people are willing to take and the necessary steps to survive the end.

With all the signs given to the masses, the documentary asks: Has society taken the obvious signs into consideration or is the phenomenon purely a state of paranoia?

The film was directed and shot by Josh Turnbow and produced by Robert Dvoran and Akshay Shah.

“Our team never ceases to amaze me when investigating controversial issues. This one just happens to be the end of the world,” said Christopher Long, head of AT&T AUDIENCE Network. “This documentary hits home. It will shift viewers from a place of fear to a focus on saving the world.”

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