Is the Moon a Soul Recycling Center? Ancient Texts Discovered “The Earth without a Moon”

Is the Moon a Soul Recycling Center? Ancient Texts Discovered “The Earth without a Moon”

Question is , Who made it? What was their purpose? How much does it effect people here when they are alive, let alone when they pass?
Records of the Ancients “The Earth Without the Moon”

Lets say the Anunnaki,Elohim,Demiurge, Or a pantheon of Angels with God put it at its precise location.
Does this explain why there are enormous Mascons aka thrusters on the Moon, to keep a certain gravitational or vibrational flux with Earth and all its inhabitants?
Does this explain the high concentrations of Titanium found across the Moon?
Might this explain the fact the Moon Rings like a bell when hit? Between 1972 and 1977, seismometers installed on the Moon by the Apollo missions recorded moonquakes. … When Apollo 12 deliberately crashed the Ascent Stage of its Lunar Module onto the Moon’s surface, it was claimed that the Moon rang like a bell for an hour, leading to arguments that it must be hollow like a bell.
Could this explain the Remote Viewing Projects done special operations military programs that would have someone RV a person at death and watch the Soul Travel to the Moon at a specific point?

Current Religion seems to point to the Sun/Son of our Solar System being the Savior and the only way to Heaven would be thru the Son,Sun/ etc…
Jesus and his 12 Disciples 12 Months Etc… Revolving around Jesus as the Sun/Son/Savior/Only way to Heaven to the Father.

Eastern Religion and Spiritual Philosophy points to the Moon as being the Liberator , the Way out of the Cycles of Karma and Destinies away from the Demon of Death and the Bhavacakra

Bhavacakra Ancient Tibetan Cycle of Life and Death – Buddha Points to the Moon, Why?! Recycle Center or Stargate?

John Lear Discussed a Remote Viewing Project and the Soul Harvesting Center on the Moon

New Jerusalem Diagram

Hollow Moon that Rings like a Bell

Giant Lunar Mascons “Gravitational Thrusters on the Moon”

Moon Covered in High Deposits of Titanium Alloy and Scientists aren’t sure how

Are we the Cylons? Moon is the Resurrection Center Mothership

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