Abandoned Newly Born Grey Alien Found | Baby Alien Found


This video Abandoned Newly Born Grey Alien Found | Baby Alien Found is from the news posted at a website, the man who posted this said it was a baby ZetaReticuli Grey alien and it was abandoned by it’s group or it’s parent, it seems like this ZetaReticulin Grey Extraterrestrial new born or hatched was rejected because of it’s deformed body, it has no hands or Feet.
Zeta Reticuli is home to an alien civilization that has been visiting Earth and abducting humans for various reasons, those more commonly referred to as the Greys.This being is under-develop stage.The ectoplasm that in the guy’s finger is dried goo or sticky substance from its egg like human fetus.Some says it may it’s 6 weeks from the time its egg layed until the the time that its found. And Eyes still have there protective covering completely their eyes are black due to the shielding of the actual eyes. He don’t say exact location where it is found but supposedly in mexico. And key words of this video are Abandoned baby alien, Abandoned baby gray alien, baby alien found, baby alien found in mexico, grey alien, alien, alien footage, alien sightings, alien caught on camera, alien caught on tape. What you guys think about this, is it real or something, lets comment below.

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