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The Event Chronicle Editor Note: I grew up in the 70s and vividly remember the distinctive yellow-tinged hue of our sun that gave off a softer warmth that is vastly different than our sun today. I’ve tried to talk to people about this over the years and have even gotten into silly arguments with family members over this topic.

I was pleased to hear Jay Weidner bring up this topic on Cosmic Disclosure in The Great Solar Flash episode earlier this year. Here’s Jay’s quote from the episode:

“But there’s another thing I want to talk about, which is what this . . . what I think this flash is in a physical way. And that is that the equator of the Sun rotates every 26 days, while the north and south hemispheres rotate every 37 days.

And what happens is the bottom of the Sun goes this way (counterclockwise), and the top of the…

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