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Google Earth STRANGENESS & Unknowns – Part Two

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THIS JUST HAPPENED! Weird Weather Phenomena Caught On Video! HAARP? 2017-2018

THIS JUST HAPPENED Weird Weather Phenomena Has The World Talking! neepervision Original Link Ball Lightning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n79gnbab_o “I’ve seen some weird stuff in the desert, but this one has me at a loss. I caught a glimpse of it as it flew overhead. I would put it between 500-1000 ft. in elevation. This was a thunderstorm over Sierra Vista that was producing continuous inner-cloud (IC-) lightning very high in the anvil.”

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Vatican,Suppressed,Forbidden,Bible,Nag,Hammadi,The Concept of Our Great Power

Vatican,Suppressed,Forbidden,Bible,Nag,Hammadi,The Concept of Our Great Power

Updated Translations –

Amazing Custom Artwork by Brady Shally
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Minor Planet Projected Orbit, Could Hit Earth Twice in 7 Years, Apophis, The Destroyer

Apophis Labeled as Minor Planetary Object

Orbit of Apophis

Minor Planet http://ift.tt/2eNfaEK

Aten Class Asteroid http://ift.tt/29rykmv

Apollo Class Asteroid http://ift.tt/2aX6VGU

Trajectory Chart of Apophis 99942

Apophis Level 4 Torino Scale

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