‘On Verge of Most Profound Discovery Ever,’ NASA Tells US Congress

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The search for alien life is on the verge of a “profound discovery,” as recent missions reveal that microbial life could exist in our Solar System and elsewhere, NASA astrophysicist Thomas Zurbachen told the US Congress.

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by Sputnik News, April 27th, 2017

Humanity stands on the verge of one of its most profound ever discoveries, that of alien life, NASA astrophysicist Thomas Zurbachen told the US House of Representatives on Thursday.

Zurbachen referred to recent analyses of Saturn’s moon Enceladus by the Cassini space probe, which has discovered that the moon is capable of hosting alien life since there are hydrothermal reactions taking place below its icy surface.

If another probe is able to identify life forms on Enceladus, which are likely to take the form of micro-organisms, scientists will become certain that…

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